Advanced Adventures: Renaissance Links


A desire for an increased understanding of human experience was foundational to the Renaissance movement. Artists began to delve into the science behind our complex makeup and made painstaking efforts to capture elements of realism in their work. Because of this, artists commonly featured nudity in paintings, sculptures, and other art forms in this era. 

We have considered the ages and stages of development for the audiences of this unit study and have taken careful measures in deciding what images to include in the lessons and supplemental materials. And though our team has carefully weighed the educational and historical value of the content, some material of a sensitive nature remains. We suggest that your family discuss and decide what content you will explore, and we advise adult supervision and discretion in viewing linked resources, especially in finding further supplemental materials for this unit study.


Founded in Florence (view with adult guidance)

Blossoming Ideas (view with adult guidance)

The Art of Architecture

Lost and Found Literature

Enlightened Engineering

Philosophies of the Renaissance

Scientific Studies

Advancements in Art

Additional Links

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