EE Tropical Rainforest (K-4th grade)

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Early Expeditions unit study kits are designed for K-4th graders.

Embark on a fascinating journey through the heart of the Amazon Rainforest with this learning-filled kit! Inside, you'll discover a non-fiction picture book (Tree of Wonder by Kate Messner) that explores some of the plants and animals of the Amazon Rainforest.

After reading, complete lessons and activities to find out what makes the tropical rainforest so unique, where they are on the map, and what the weather is like. Dive deep into each layer of the rainforest and learn about the characteristics, animals, insects, and plants of the rainforest's forest floor, understory, canopy, and emergent layers. Read about and compare toucans vs. macaws, create vibrantly colored crafts, investigate the unique life cycle of the Strawberry Poison Dart frog, discuss rainforest animal survival skills, conduct a pollination experiment, and so much more!

With a blend of engaging supplies and learning opportunities, this kit is your passport to FUN and exploration of the Amazon Rainforest!

We’ve divided the learning experiences into eight sections, and we recommend doing the activities in the order suggested as some build upon the next. However, you don’t need to complete all the lesson activities at once if that’s too much for your schedule. Just pause, and pick up where you left off next time. Doing these activities two days a week will take four weeks to complete the unit. The activities in this kit were designed for K to 4th graders. But we know kids are at all different levels and interests, so feel free to skip or add-to an activity if it isn’t right for your child(ren). That’s what Schoolhouse Discoveries are all about - having fun learning and finding ways that best fit your needs.

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