What Are Schoolhouse Discoveries kits?

Schoolhouse Discoveries kits are unit study kits. The kits are designed to gather many subjects into one theme to integrate students’ learning and application. The themed study explores the topic through the lenses of multiple subjects as it weaves together science, social studies, reading, writing, geography, arts & crafts, music, movement, and more!

What is a unit study?

A unit study curriculum combines different subjects like reading, writing, science, and history into a cohesive exploration of a specific theme. It offers a comprehensive learning approach, emphasizing hands-on activities and adaptability to individual needs. This method fosters engagement and real-world application, making it valuable for immersive homeschooling experiences. 

What Is Included In Each Kit?

Each Early Expeditions kit (K-4th grade) includes an illustrated storybook, full-color instruction teaching guide, printed activity pages, and most of the art/craft/sensory supplies needed to complete the activities for each theme.

Each Advanced Adventures kit (5th-8th grade) includes a chapter book, full-color instruction learning guide (written to the student), printed activity pages, and some of the supplies needed to complete the activities for each theme.

The instruction booklet included in every kit also includes: links to supplementary videos, digital copies of the worksheets (in case you’d like to print more!), a chart of all the state standards covered throughout the unit, and a shopping list for the basic items not included in the box. The Early Expeditions kit also includes a recommended book list in case you want to dive in deeper into the topic throughout the unit.

How much are the kits?

Early Expeditions single kit: $47.95

Advanced Adventures single kit: $36.95


Save $$ on each kit when you order three or more! Choose the Create-Your-Own-Bundle option or the 7-Kit Bundle for the best deal. Take a look at our bundle options and pricing HERE.

Are these kits a supplement or core curriculum?

Schoolhouse Discoveries kits offer a seamless and hassle-free learning experience with an open-and-go approach. Our kits are designed to engage multiple senses, covering a variety of subjects, making them ideal for family-style lessons and projects. The outcomes of the activities align with educational standards (a list of covered standards are included in every kit), ensuring a well-rounded educational experience. 

While the instruction guides incorporate elements of math and language arts, it is recommended to complement these kits with a  core curriculum for these specific subjects. This combination allows for a comprehensive and balanced educational journey, combining the flexibility of unit study kits with a structured foundation provided by a core curriculum.

Check with your personal state requirements for your homeschool.

Standards are available for each kit to view in our listings.  

Will one kit work for multiple kids?

Schoolhouse Discoveries understands the challenges of juggling multiple roles, from educator to chef to expert fort builder! Our themed lessons and activities are designed to engage kids of multiple ages and abilities at once. Our kits are designed to be used in a family-style learning and many projects can be done together. The included supplies in the kit are geared towards a single learner, however we do offer optional sibling add-ons for each kit theme.

What is a Sibling add-on?

Sibling Add-Ons are available for each kit them. The add-ons included additional printed worksheets and materials (ex: extra craft supplies) for a child who may want to complete the projects on their own rather than sharing supplies in the main kit. Sibling Add-Ons cannot be purchased without purchasing the main theme kit first.

are the kits secular or faith based?

We classify our curriculum as secular. Because our mission is to empower parents to teach their kids, we respect the authority of parents to choose how religious or secular that teaching is. We strive to provide materials and activities that are fun to use, scientifically and historically accurate, and versatile so that parents wishing to incorporate their own beliefs and traditions will find it easy to do so.

how long does it take to complete a kit?

The Early Expeditions (K-4th grade) kits have eight lessons with three activities per lesson and Advanced Adventures (5th-8th grade) have four sections with three to six activities per section. If your family/class uses kits twice a week, it would take about four weeks to complete. Some learners stretch a theme out even longer by diving deeper into the topic with supplemental books, movies, and activities. Others use a kit four days a week and finish the unit in two weeks. Use the kits in ways that work best for your schedule.

what subjects do the kits cover?

Our unit study kits cover Science, Social Studies, Math, Language Arts, Art, P.E, Sensory play, cooking, and (when applicable) mindset, and health. Each kit theme includes a copy of the learning objectives for each theme and what subjects are covered in each kit.

is this a subscription box?

Yes and no. Any in-stock kits may be purchased "al a carte" and will be shipped right away. If you choose a school year bundle, you will start with the kits that have already been released for that school year and will continue to receive kits in consecutive order as each theme is released for the rest of the year. Each new theme is released and shipped approximately every 6-8 weeks. Think of this as a GROWING BUDNLE. There are no recurring charges or subscription terms.

What is your return policy?

If the kit is unopened and still sealed, you may initiate a return within 7 days of the kit being delivered to you. The customer is responsible for paying for return shipping and will receive a full refund on the kit as soon as it is received by Schoolhouse Discoveries. If there is a problem with your kit please email us at and let us know how we can help.

will i get to choose my themes when i bundle?

We offer a "choose your own bundle" option that allows you to pick and choose from the kits we currently have in stock. This bundle is only applicable when you purchase 3 or more single kits at one time, but you may choose which themes you would like to purchase. If you choose a 7-kit school year bundle you will start with kit(s) that have already been released for the current school year and will continue to receive kits in a consecutive order as each theme is released. Each new theme will be released and shipped approximately every 6-8 weeks.

We work with many charter schools, pod schools, and co-ops and do accept bulk purchase orders. Please visit our Charter School page to see if we are an approved vendor with your school and to get instructions on placing a purchase order.

Schoolhouse Discoveries homeschool curriculum unit study kits

"My son calls this the fun part of school and asks if we can do lessons.

He loves playing with the small world, and building and adding items to it. I love how the box comes with everything in it (printed papers, book, and supplies), and that the lessons are easy to understand, teach, and initiate. I feel like I'm learning just as much as he is while I'm teaching it! I also love how each subject is incorporated into learning. You have math, science, ELA, social studies, art, baking, even some P.E." --Tiffany, homeschool mom