AA The Renaissance (5th-8th Grade)

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Advanced Adventures by Schoolhouse Discoveries can be used as a stand-alone curriculum or complement our existing K-4th grade unit studies for kids who love hands-on learning but are ready for a little “more.”

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In this advanced unit study, learners will dive deeper into the history, art, and philosophies of the Renaissance while reading the biography DK Life Stories: Leonardo da Vinci by Stephen Krensky. They will draw, analyze and write about a piece of art, decipher backward writing, experiment with mixing paint, water and oil, construct a da Vinci-inspired bridge, tour an art gallery, write a personal essay, examine the layers of the face through drawing and labeling, read about philosophies of the Renaissance, and more.

Includes a book: DK Life Stories Leonardo da Vinci, full-color booklet and printed worksheet pages, suggested video links, reading and writing prompts for each reading selection, and a handful of supplies to complete the activities.

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