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Melissa Lopez


Founder & Co-owner

Charter School Liason

Customer Service

Product Development

Pam Odd


Founder & Co-owner

Brand Manager

Graphic Designer

Product Development

We’re Melissa and Pam, friends and regular moms with backgrounds in early childhood and elementary education. Those are our cute families in the pictures above!

We’re also homeschoolers! But we found ourselves bored with traditional textbook learning and “virtual school” classes and knew if we weren’t excited about teaching it — our kids wouldn’t be excited about learning it. So we started supplementing with Pinterest activities, projects, and extra books. But planning “fun school” took a lot of time and way too many trips for “essential” craft supplies and chocolate (aka mom survival).

When we met online, we became quick friends and realized we had the same goals for our homeschooling but couldn’t find a curriculum that fit our vision. So, we put our ideas and skills together and began creating unit studies. We got our feet wet designing for another company and eventually branched out on our own to create Schoolhouse Discoveries

We designed these hands-on unit studies to be THAT resource for other families just like us — to alleviate the need to search Pinterest for projects and then load up for a trip to Target. Schoolhouse Discoveries unit study kits come right to YOU in a fun box of happy mail — with all the supplies you need for MANY days of hands-on learning and fun that will appeal to kids’ natural curiosity. And because we know how complicated it can be to teach multiple kids and multiple topics, we created family-style lessons to help bring your kids together and simplify your school day. 

These open-and-go-themed kits, packed with learning activities, have been game-changers in our school days. We no longer wake up wondering WHAT we’re teaching or what supplies we need to buy. For the first time, our kids are begging for MORE “fun school” rather than hurrying through their assignments and asking for a screen. That feels like a win to us, and we hope it will be for you, too!

We're heading to a convention, where we often sell out, so order now! All in-stock orders will resume shipping the week of July 15th!