Make your Own Pilgrim Hat Cookies

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The Plymouth Pilgrims were some of the first people to come to America from England. They came here in search of a better life and more opportunities. When they arrived in America, they had to work hard to build new homes, grow food, and survive in a new and unfamiliar land. 

The Pilgrims are often remembered for their unique style of dress, which includes tall hats. These hats were called “pilgrim hats,” and they were an important part of the Pilgrim’s wardrobe.

The pilgrim hats were made from a variety of materials, including wool and felt. They were very tall and pointed at the top, and they had a wide brim that helped to keep the sun off of the pilgrim’s face.

Today, we still remember the pilgrims and their hats as an important part of American history.

But did you know . . . Pilgrims didn’t actually wear black-and-white clothing and buckled top hats. You can share this nugget of knowledge with your friends and family when you serve them a chocolate cookie!

The myth-busting fact may surprise you since many illustrated books, paintings, and Thanksgiving decorations show Pilgrim men dressed with buckled hats. But this image is not historically accurate as buckles were expensive and not in fashion during that time period. Instead, Pilgrims typically wore wide-brimmed hats and clothing dyed with natural dyes. 

Some historians think the idea of Pilgrims wearing black and white clothing and buckled hats came from  18th and 19th-century artists and their paintings.

Want to get in the Thanksgiving spirit? Try making some Pilgrim hat cookies! They’re a fun and tasty way to celebrate this historic holiday!

These little treats are simple to assemble and are a hit with kids and adults!

Here’s what you’ll need to get started on your Pilgrim Hat Cookies:

– Chocolate cookies (homemade or store-bought)
– Peanut Butter Cup candies
– Peanut Butter or Frosting
– Candy-coated chocolates or sprinkles for decoration

  1. Start by baking your favorite chocolate cookie (or use store-bought — fudge-stripe cookies work great), and make sure your baked cookies are cooled before continuing.
  2. Flip the cookie upside down.
  3. Place a dollop of frosting or peanut butter in the center of each cookie.
  4. Place a peanut butter cup upside down on top of the frosting.
  5. The peanut butter cup will act as the crown, and the cookie as the brim of the hat.
  6. Next, take a yellow or orange candy-coated chocolate or sprinkle and place it in the center of the peanut butter cup. This will be the buckle on the hat.

Just like that, you have a batch of adorable and tasty Pilgrim hat cookies! These treats are perfect for sharing at a Thanksgiving gathering or for enjoying at home with your family.


-Happy Baking!

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