National Train Your Brain Day

Today is National Train Your Brain Day! 


The origins of this day are a little unknown, however, it was established to encourage individuals to exercise their minds, and use more of its potential capacity.

Here are 10 ways you and your children can exercise your mind:

  1. Read
  2. Work on a puzzle
  3. Take a class (can’t take an in-person class? Try one online)
  4. Play a matching or memory game
  5. Learn a new word for each day of the month
  6. Write something…anything!
  7. Mix it up! Changing your routine…switching up our routines can challenge our brains
  8. Learn a new hobby
  9. Use your non-dominant hand (try writing or drawing)
  10. Spend at least 10 minutes on a crossword puzzle, word search, sudoku, or logic puzzles

Click here for a FREE word search for the kids to celebrate the day and exercise their brain!

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-Happy Learning